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I am Simon and my given first name is Sinisa, pronounced as “Sinisha”. I grew up in Croatia and have also experienced living in Asia and the Americas.

Java and English are my preferred languages in the professional setting. I began my career in 1996 at Gateway Inc. (Acer), and since then I have completed IT projects in supply-chain planning, operations, automated securities trading / HFT, and web development.

If you enjoy electronic music, I recommend my own It is a YouTube player optimized for 36 genres and is run by a specialized search engine I built in Java. You stream from YouTube the music that DJs are buying right now from Beatport, JunoDownload and Traxsource.

In late 2018, I am leading a team building CoinsForOffice Add-in for MS Excel, OpenOffice and LibreOffice Calc. Our product will deliver real-time prices from all the top crypto exchanged directly into cells in spreadsheets.

Also, during the regular business hours, I am orchestraing the development and delivery of Omega One’s crypto-trading execution platform for institutions.

Let’s get in touch on my LinkedIn.

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